Current COVID-19 peak estimates are too close to the original dates (May 27-31), we can not delay making a decision anymore. Some conferences are postponing, others canceling altogether.

So, before considering canceling DjangoCon Europe 2020, optimistically we will first try to postpone it.

It is with a sincere heart that we have decided to postpone DjangoCon Europe 2020 to September 16-20.

As you might be aware, conferences are being cancelled worldwide. We still have hope, and before throwing the towel, we have decided to postpone. We took particular care to choose safe dates, far enough from the current outbreak peek estimates, but also far from the next fall/winter. Some experts state this is here to stay, and if they are correct, we should have troubles next fall/winter, let's just hope to a smaller degree.

We are aware that many things can change meanwhile, and that in the end we might be forced to cancel the conference, but for now, we urge you to believe with us. Many of you have already bought tickets, and to those, we kindly ask to hope with us.

Ticket refunds will happen in any of the following scenarios:
- Participant's inability to participate, due to restrictions in place at the time or unavailability on the new dates.
- Conference cancellation

Please do not rush requesting ticket refunds. We will process them as we can. Please note that a ticket refunded and latter on bought again has double the fees for us. So delay your decision for as long as you can. If everything goes well, we will have a conference, and we count on you to be there! When booking your trip to Porto for September, please make sure to book with the possibility to cancel.

For those of you who are planning or have already booked your flights with TAP, our official carrier, here is some crucial information. In short, they have plans for flight reschedules free of charge - you can reschedule your tickets to the new dates.

During the conference, we will follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, as well as the Portuguese Direcção Geral da Saude (DGS) guidelines in Portuguese.

The general guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • We ask all participants who have been in critical disease zones, at the time of the event, to communicate with the organization. Together we will evaluate the actual presence and refund when applicable.

  • At the reception, the organization will have hand sanitizers, infrared thermometers, masks (exclusive for hazardous situations) and a garbage bin of sanitary waste. A DGS approved poster will be displayed with the instructions for basic procedures.

  • To those who request or appear symptomatic, we will have a thermometer for fever screening and we will provide, together with local authorities, an isolation room for people with symptoms to be able to wait for the presence of health authorities.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience during this uncertain time. We appreciate your support of this difficult decision and look forward to seeing you soon in September.

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