This page contains all information regarding the proposal process for DjangoCon Europe – we will update it regularly as new information becomes available.

All talk submissions are currently under evaluation and you will receive the results soon. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Deadline was 2020-03-01 11h59 UTC πŸ”₯ - precisely speaking, that's March 1st, 2020, 11:59 UTC. You can edit your submissions up to this date, so don't hesitate to submit a preliminary version of your talk or workshop.

If you think you have something great to talk about – submit your idea! If you are unsure, talk it over with somebody, or go to Slack to find previous speakers and participants to discuss your idea with. When in doubt, submit your talk πŸ˜‰!

  • Talks - September 18-19
  • Lightning Talks - September 16-18 (at the end of each day)
  • Sprints - September 19-20
  • Django internals and challenges in modern web development.
  • Wild ideas, clever hacks, surprising or cool use cases.
  • Improving Django and Python developers’ lives.
  • Pushing Django to its limits
  • Fundamentals, in a modern light.
  • The Django and Python community, culture, history, past, present & future, the why the who and the what of it all
  • Security
  • Whatever you deem appropriate – it's your conference, after all!

You may think that your idea is not suited to DjangoCon Europe, or that you couldn't possibly present it well, or that others will do it better. We want to prove you wrong. You should consider reading Sasha's blog post on why you should speak at DjangoCon Europe! This blog post still holds true 4 years later.

If you would like to ask a question, you are always welcome to write the content committee:

As a speaker, you will not need to buy a ticket, since you gain free entrance to the conference. If you have bought a ticket in advance before being accepted, we will refund it, of course. If you are not selected as a speaker, don't worry because you are still eligible for an early bird ticket. Additionally, there will also be a fancy speakers' dinner!

We will not be able to cover travelling and accommodation costs for all speakers, but if you require financial support, please participate in our Opportunity Grant process – speakers will receive special consideration in the selection process.

For companies or employers: talk's content should not be influenced directly by commercial interests, but if your company or employer has supported your process for creating and giving the talk (for instance allowing you to prepare it in working hours), you are always welcome to mention this support during a talk. If your employer or company covers travel and accommodation costs, we have a sponsor recognition policy, meaning the company or organisation can join as a sponsor. Please get in touch with to hear more.

  • Submit your talk in time, no excuses.
  • All talks will be in English.
  • Read, understand, and agree to our Code of Conduct. As a speaker, your talk and your slides will need to follow our Code of Conduct – if you are not sure what that means, or have some issue you are not sure about, just ask us!
  • Make sure you spend some time and effort on your proposal. Typos, lack of formatting, and half finished sentences are unnecessary and make your proposal hard to be taken seriously. (Ask a mentor or a friend to help if this is difficult for you.)
  • Don't overdo it – two or three paragraphs are plenty of space to give us an idea of your talk, we don't require an entire thesis. ;)
  • Original content: Since we have little space and lots of submissions, we prefer original content. If your talk is so awesome that you want to give it in multiple places, we'd ask you to consider putting a new spin on it, if at all possible.

Reviewing the talks and tutorials submitted to a conference can be a daunting task – there is much to consider, and usually there are more great submissions than there are slots available in the conference schedule.

We’d like to make our reviewing process and guidelines transparent to every submitter and attendee, both to show you what will await you during the conference as an attendee, and to help you understand our decisions regarding your submissions as a submitter.

We will document our selection process on this website and announce it as a blog post and via Twitter.

Not up for a full talk or tutorial? Looking to give your first talk at a conference? Lightning talks are talks of 5 minutes or less, with or without slides, on almost any topic you want! Even if you’re nervous or shy, remember: it’s a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes. Everyday of the conference will feature a lightning talk slot at the end of the day. Sign-ups will happen at the conference.

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